Glenn L. Hill - Christianity's Great Dilemma

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Back Cover Endorsements

Christianity’s Great Dilemma is a superb presentation of the truth of God concerning the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. The author, Glenn L. Hill, gives us the book he wishes were available when he sought for the answers about fulfilled prophecy.

Clearly and simply written, this volume has the power to dispel clouds of doubt, cast away the faulty doctrines of men, and lay bare the truth of God pertaining to Biblical end times.

I heartily recommend Christianity’s Great Dilemma to your attention. It is a clear, strong case for God’s truth. It is also an easy, enjoyable read. I wish I were the author of this book.
ARTHUR MELANSON, Joy of the Lord Ministry

This book is intended to be an introduction to the subject of last things, but it is a comprehensive work in this field. Jesus and His apostles taught that His return was imminent, and that was nearly 2,000 years ago. Were they mistaken? Were they all false prophets? This is the dilemma Glenn Hill presents to his readers and it will leave them thoroughly involved in their own adventure in the realm of fulfilled eschatology. Christianity’s Great Dilemma is a yeoman’s work and well worth a large readership.
SAMUEL G. DAWSON, Minister and Author

Christianity does face a dilemma! The teachings of Jesus and His apostles led the first Christians to believe that some of them would live to see their Master’s return. All of these promises were made nearly two thousand years ago, yet today, Christianity as a whole is still waiting for Jesus to come again. Something is wrong! This is the great dilemma!

Glenn Hill struggled with this dilemma for years. Slowly, as he dared to believe Scripture, even if it meant questioning his traditional understanding, he came to a resolution—a resolution which did not compromise the integrity of Jesus or the inspiration of Scripture. In a most refreshing manner, he shares his resolution, not by telling the readers where they are wrong, but, by humbly sharing with them where he was wrong. Glenn invites the reader to share his journey in resolving Christianity’s Great Dilemma. I encourage you to accept his invitation.

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