Glenn L. Hill - Christianity's Great Dilemma

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Comments from the Readers of Christianity's Great Delimma

I am a New Testament textual scholar and live in the Wash., D.C. area. I wanted to thank you for your excellent book, Christianity's Great Dilemma. I have seen many books on the subject, some more difficult than others, but your book is tops, I think. You really laid things out nicely and succeeded so well that nothing was lost in the message that is essential to a beginning knowledge of preterist eschatology. I will highly recommend it to my friends.
Paul D. Anderson, President and founder of The Center for Study and Preservation of the Majority Text, Washington, DC

I have just finished reading your book and it’s one of the greatest books on preterism that I have ever read. The verbiage is such that anybody can understand it.
Arlo Becker, Enid, OK

Your book is the best ever. I have 70 preterist books and yours tops them all. It is perfect. Everyone needs to read it. I love the title of your book.
Johanna Thormod, Alta, CA

Your book is excellent, perfect, just what the preterist world needed.It is so easy to understand and in very digestible amounts. I loved it and have already recommended it to friends.Thank you for this work.
Shella Fitzgerald, Ardmore, OK

As I came closer to the end of your book, I tried to read more slowly. I did not want it to end. Thank God for your labors to provide the clarity of this truth. It will make it more palatable for many to understand. This is life food.
Keith Morgan, Billings, MT

Thank you for this readable book. It is a great tool we can use when we ask our friends to take a second look at the Second Coming.
Evalynn Sapp, Omak, WA

Your book is so clear—so simple, yet profound, and so convincing. The format is superb! It is a book that I am proud to present to anyone interested. May this book have a wide audience. God is surely to be glorified—over and over again!
Walt Hibbard, Wilmington, DE

Your book should be required reading and study in all seminary classes. Like you say, not until we acknowledge who the Bible was written to, can we gain a better understanding of what it does say. With your intense study and presentation you reinforce the beauty and profound principles and continuity of all the writers of Gods’ Holy Word. It is an amazing work. You have created a masterpiece and it will never be far from my Bible and other books important to me.
Wendell Walden, Princeton, IN

Thank you for writing that book. You have nailed it! For twenty years I have been a preterist looking for a book in the vernacular and style of yours.
Barry Blackman, Pleasantville, NJ

Great piece of work: clear, concise, bottom-shelf material, and highly informative. I especially appreciated the insight relative to the degree of manifested imminency on the part of the apostolic band. Had not seen that before and it is quite significant. Also appreciated the fact you kept on point, i.e. Jesus return in AD 70 rather than touching base on a host of other issues.
Bob Lewis, Sanatoga, PA

I just finished reading Christianity's Great Dilemma and WOW! It was fantastic. Thank you so much for such humble and sincere writing. I really just want you to know how clear and understandable your book is. It's very personable and very readable. I loved your passion and excitement throughout the book. I loved the capital and bold letters. I loved the exclamations. I was really able to get excited right along with you. Your book put scripture right out in front in a way that made sure I CAN'T NOT BELIEVE THIS. I MUST believe what Jesus and the Apostles said so clearly. Thank you for such a great presentation of the Word.
Alice Russo, Richwood, NJ

Your book just leads the reader down the road so gently that the Truths of the Scriptures come to life.
Sandi Dorey, Valrico, FL

I just finished reading your book and thought it was the clearest and easiest to understand book on this subject I have ever read. I usually get about half through other books on this subject and give up on understanding them.
Bill Buckingham, Deepwater, NJ

I am reading your book and it is blessing my socks clear, so concise, so easy to read, it draws you right in. I'm learning so much, and what you say works to deepen my faith. The book is wonderful.
Bryan Davis, Lancaster, PA

Thank you so much for writing this book. I have been studying fulfilled prophesy for about 12 years now. I have read many articles and books on the subject of fulfilled prophecy. Your book is what I have been longing for these many years. You have taken from the scriptures what has been explained in these many different books and put it into an organized, step by step, scripture by scripture presentation of what fulfilled prophecy is all about.
Chuck Cox, Yuba City, CA

Your book is the clearest presentation of consistent preterism that I have read. The book is loaded with facts and sound Scriptural arguments which should convince honest truth-seekers. I love your clear style, but I especially appreciate the personal touch because we see the joy and the pain that comes with following truth.
Mike Biehler, Edson, Alberta, Canada

We have given several of your books to others, and hope that they will read it with an open mind, because if they do, they cannot do anything but understand and believe in your message. There is no way that anyone can do anything but understand it - you have done your work!!
Doug and Marilyn Hart, Taft, TX

This book is a concise presentation of the time statements of the New Testament and the inevitable conclusion: If Christ didn't come back when he and the Apostles said he would, they are false prophets and liars. You won't find much theology here, just honest engagement with what the passages actually say. One of the best parts is the last chapter in which the statements are put in chronological order. Obviously, the statements become more emphatic until the writing of 1st John at which point we are told they were in the "last hour." It is only a matter of time until the "heretic hunters" catch on to this one because it is going to cause them major problems. I dare them to make this one available to the masses to let them decide for themselves.
Searching for What the Bible Actually Says (posted on

I am glad to have a “basic” book to teach me how to explain it to others—simply. I really like the “Increasing Imminence” section. This is very, very helpful and it’s a nice summary for the book.
Robyn Ohsowski, Midland, MI

I have a good many books on preterism; however your book is one of my favorites. Thank you for writing such a clear, SIMPLE, book for us!!
Eileen Johnson, West Deptford, NJ

Brother Glenn, let me say that my assessment of your book is that you have presented this dilemma in such an easily-understandable style that its great appeal is to, not the erudite, but rather for us disciples who hunger only for the simple truth of our Father’s Word. Thank you, dear brother, for your efforts in this enterprise.
Jim Gunter, Pearl, MS

Outstanding. Very self explanatory and easy to understand.
Steve Ames

Christianity's Great Dilemma really is written well and can be easily understood by everyone who would dare pick it up and read it with an open mind. I really commend you for being so open and honest in dealing with your past teachings and the nerve you displayed in admitting how wrong you were for so many years.It takes folks like you who are not afraid to correct themselves through the Word of God and then use their talents and gifts to reach out and help others.
Marty Angelo, Marty Angelo Ministries, Frazier Park CA

Your book is just wonderful and great. You explain so clearly, which is wonderful for beginners.
Michele Yamaguchi, Valentigney, France

I knew when I read your manuscript that it was a great work, and I appreciate so much that you spent the time writing it for us. It will be a great legacy for you as well as for the cause of truth.
Tony Denton, El Mirage, AZ

Your book is refreshing and excellent.
Gene R. McCallister, Rio Rancho, NM

I loved your book. So many of the question marks in my Bible have finally been erased.
Bonnie McGraw

There is a major gap in teaching the truth, between the very technical books and encouragement for the practical acceptance of truth (your book), that is the struggle for many older Christians. Many older Christians are afraid to make a mid-course change in direction so late in life for a lot of reasons, but your book shows how it can be done.
Jim Watson, Concrete WA

I think it is excellent in providing readers with a clear and very understandable answer to the great dilemma.
Sharon Matthews, Berean Bible Church, Virginia Beach, VA

I read your book and I think it is wonderful!
Dean McFall, Robstown, TX

Thanks for writing such a helpful book. It has been a blessing to many already.
Ed Stevens, International Preterist Association, Bradford, PA

Finally, I have found it—a book on fulfilled eschatology for thoughtful beginners who just want to know! I have looked all over the place for a book for my non-theology friends who love Jesus, but need an orderly, clear, and humble explanation of Jesus’ promises to come “soon.” Here it is—Christianity’s Great Dilemma—an organized introduction to a way of thinking that is disturbing the whole world of traditional eschatology. With passion and sincerity, Glenn Hill painstakingly takes us through the words of Jesus and the apostles, helping us to realize what they were really saying and what their words actually meant to the people. Buy one. Read it. Then, buy a bunch of them for your friends. They’ll thank you.
Bob Nolan, Minister, Missionary, and Educator, Ontario, CA

This is a kind, sincere, non-threatening, and non-judgmental approach to the study of fulfilled prophecy. Glenn Hill presents an extremely organized and scriptural line of reasoning, and his book is relatively short and the print is big. It is easy to read and understand--no big words or flowery speeches to decipher. I don’t see how anybody could read this book and be the same ever again.
Tina Rae Collins, Moonbeam Publications, Lexington, KY (posted on

Unfortunately, I have not found time to read your book. However, it looks like I won’t need to. My wife loved it and read most of it to me at mealtime over several sessions. She had several cold meals while I ate mine hot and listened to her read. She would like to lend the book to some friends. I’m glad you’ve provided a simple introduction to preterism.
Michael Fenemore, Kamloops, BC, Canada

I do so much appreciate your book. Your personal testimony at the beginning, your honesty about being secret at searching out answers, and your regrets about your teachings for 40-some years certainly touched me and earned my respect and appreciation. This is a book very suitable to give to people, who are beginning to have an interest in preterism. It is laid out step by step and easy to read making one anxious to read on and learn more.
Norine Fenemore, Kamloops, BC, Canada

Your book, Christianity’s Great Dilemma, is right on the mark.
William A. Slawter, Chadds Ford, PA

I believe your book will be most helpful in presenting the truth. As a Bible teacher, I do not believe that I am tasked to convince anyone of the truth, but I am obligated to tell them the truth.
Carl F. Poe, Fredericksburg, VA

I thank the Lord for this wonderful book!
Bonnie Tarttier, Germantown, NY

Glenn L. Hill’s new book, ‘Christianity’s Great Dilemma’ IS JUST GREAT! I hope the printing of those books keeps on, and that you are able to keep them in stock. I plan on ordering some of those in the future, and giving them away. That book would make a nice Christmas wakeup gift.
Dennis DeMagistris

Thank you for providing such a wonderful and simple to understand book on the Second Coming of Christ. Your book has made it so much easier for us to follow the verses and totally understand their exact meaning.
Mike and Patty Crockett, Yukon, OK

Genius in its Simplicity (posted August 17, 2011 on brilliance of Mr. Hill's book lies in its simplicity. It is heavy on the Scriptures and light on theorizing. This work is overflowing with judicious, sound reasoning. Mr. Hill has a rare knack for gently prodding the reader to seriously investigate each Bible passage and just allow the words to mean what they say, to those who first heard them. Mr. Hill steers clear of an "in your face" approach, and chooses instead a much softer "let us reason together" style of argumentation. This gentle soul has been a pastor and preacher with over 50 years of ministry under his belt. He has risked and lost much to stand for a sensible view of Biblical Eschatology. As a long time pastor myself, after reading this book, I was entirely convinced that I needed to let go of my preconceived perspectives, take off the glasses of traditionalism and seriously rethink my understanding of what the actual words of Scripture say and mean. If Mr. Hill's book has done anything for me it has reminded me that personal theology must never be allowed to drive the meaning of the Scriptures, but just the opposite. What matters is not my pet paradigms, what is most comfortable for me to believe, or what most others believe, but what in fact IS true. This book may shock you. Before purchasing it, ask yourself if you really have the courage to have your understanding challenged. This book is no rag full of shady speculation and wild imaginings, this is a house built on the solid rock of Scripture. If you are the type who is genuinely searching for truth at the risk of shunning convention then this book is for you. If you are the type who is willing to put your views under the microscope to see if they stand up to a scrutiny, then buy this book today. As for me, Mr. Hill has validated what I have long suspected to be true. To God be the Glory forever! Hold on for a great ride!!

Pastor Frank Speer, Pompton Plains, NJ

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